Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Party Party Party...

I love this time of year, so many events, launches and Christmas parties! So I thought I would take you on an outing to the recent parties I was lucky enough to attend! It's always great to see people you don't get a chance to see through the year and catch up on what they've been up to and of course what their wearing!
So my invitation arrived to celebrate the opening of the Louis Vuitton store (pic above) and I knew exactly who to take as my guest, my great friend make up artist Narelle Hall. Narelle and I are very close friends and have worked together for many years , we also share an agent and love a party!!!
I think I was channeling 1982 with my pastel shades look and high hair! Oh and my new vintage 1973 gold Rado watch, love it!
Narelle Hall and an old friend the internationally renowned DJ Grant Smillie
Narelle and ARIA nominated artist Zoe Badwi, and Grant's right hand girl! You can check out the new 'Louis Vuitton' store at Chadstone Shopping Centre Victoria
So the following week it was off to another opening party and the amazing new boutique Hotel 'The Cullen', named after the artist Adam Cullen who's work is featured throughout the Hotel.
The Hotel had actors scattered through the venue recreating iconic 'Cullen' subjects (above 'Ned Kelly')and impromptu scenes of over the top guests and pretend staff creating a humorous feel to the night. For you over thirties there was even a sighting of the infamous Pixie Skase! The real one not an actor! All round 'The Cullen' is a great addition to the Prahran scene and I can't wait to stay there, the rooms/suites are wonderfully turned out and so centrally located at 164 Commercial Road Prahran VIC you must take a look!

Actor playing the part of nerdy English gent!
The views from the top suites were impressive, and I was channeling 1984 this night! There's that watch again...
Actor/French Maid in front of a 'Cullen'
My date for the night my great friend Actor/Director/Film Maker Iain Murton enjoying the view at 'The Cullen'.
So after 'The Cullen' opening it was onto the Christmas party of, in my opinion, the top fashion PR company in Melbourne, Ann Morrison Public Relations! It was great to see Ann Morrison herself(pictured above) and the rest of the AMPR crew, Sarah, Brooke, Ben, Jannah and co! I have worked with all at AMPR for many years and always enjoy seeing them at an event or at AMPR headquarters! The Christmas party was held at 'Linden Galleries' in St Kilda and was well on the way to being a crazy night by the time I arrived, it was such a fun party and it was fantastic to see many well known photographers, fashion journalists, designers, stylists and artists in attendance.

Designer Gwendolynne and Milliner extraordinaire Richard Nylon

I haven't seen Fashion Icon and designer Jenny Bannister for such a long time and was unhappy to hear of the recent closure of her business, Jenny is a national treasure and a truly creative artist and best of all an all round fun person so it is so sad to hear she wont be in the industry anymore, I do hope that she never loses her passion for dressing up!
I've been lucky to have styled a few of Jenny's fashion shows over the years and worked with her off sider Jill Clegg who herself was an amazing designer in the 70's and 80's and entertained me all night at the AMPR party with her stories of London and Melbourne in the 1980's and her close friend Molly Meldrum! I insisted that she must write a book telling all those mad times and letting all know of the many celebrity secrets she has. Jill made my night and I can't wait to see her again.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Styling Sydney Style...

Traveling for work has always been part of my career(How awful I hear you say!) and indeed a favourite part of the job, from Milan to New York to Hamburg to LA I have been very lucky to mix business with pleasure so I thought a recent 'working' trip to Sydney should be chronicled in this blog!
The original plan was to style a big editorial shoot for a magazine in Sydney, unfortunately at the last minute this was cancelled and so I decided to 'take' it to Sydney anyway and asked my agent and publicist to organise a few meetings and I called a few contacts, so a fun filled and more importantly productive week in Sydney ensured!!!
Many of my close friends live in the 'Sunny' city and I was picked up from the airport by my heaven friend Helen Clemens, who is one of the very few amazing female directors of video clips and television commercials, she directed and I styled the memorable 'Sneaky Sound System' clip 'I Love It' and has directed many other bands and artists, Eskimo Joe, Josh Pyke, and Kasey Chambers to name a few, by the way she is also close friends with Natalie Imbruglia but that is by the by! So after a quick stop at Helen's office to brainstorm about a prospective client(and check out all of her awards) we went straight into a meeting with a celebrity for an upcoming video clip, unfortunately I can't tell you until the clip is out but you'll be the first to know when it does!
Helen's Golden Guitar award and one of her Gold Records
Helen and I seemed to have had ESP when co-ordinating our outfits in different cities, after she picked me up! Showing off my new vintage purchase(as in first pic) early 80's Charles Jourdan document case. After our meeting Helen and I dropped into my fantastic friend Nigel Stanislaus's home where I would be staying. Nigel is the Maybelline Make up Artist of Australia and is one of the busiest and most sought after make up artists in Australia, we work together on many different jobs over many years and both continue to inspire each others creativity. We also continue to have the most fun in our work and private lives and share an agent in Melbourne who we both adore! So lucky to have such talented and fun friends.
The very sought after Nigel Stanislaus!

So part of the reason for coming to Sydney was to attend the 'Barbie does Mimco' party at the Mimco Sydney store and I would be accompanied by Nigel, Veronica Moore(my agent), Dean Drieberg(my publicist), Andrea Le Seuer(my producer) and photographer Christian Blanchard along with his girlfriend Australia's Next Top Model star and international supermodel Alice Burdeu (who just happen to be Sydney and Melbourne's 'Hot' couple at the moment!)
The party was a very pink affair, as you can imagine, and many of Sydney's fashion set were there and all of my agency, 'Miss Bossy Boots' attendees had a fantastic time enjoying the Champagne and cup cakes! Of course the latest Mimco campaign was a Miss Bossy Boots production photographed by Christian Blanchard and make up by Nigel Stanislaus!

My Agent Veronica Moore sitting with the gorgeous Alice Burdeu and my publicist Dean Drieberg
Barbie loves Mimco!
Loving this 50's Barbie
'Camp Ken' AKA Christian Blanchard of 'that' HOT couple!
Myself and my great friend and host Nigel Stanislaus enjoying just a tiny amount of Champers!
Nigel and I both appeared on the TV show 'Australia's Next Top Model' (you can check it out on YouTube, ANTM Cycle 5 Episode 5 and Nigel ANTM Cycle 5 Episode 3) and after the Mimco party saw a poster of one of the most controversial contestants Cassie Van Den Dungen which of course promted an impromptu photo shoot just for old times sake! So a great night was had by all and ended up at the Miss Bossy Boots penthouse for drinks well into the night!
Dean Drieberg my publicist had organized a lunch meeting with his good friend rising actress Gracie Otto who I had met at the David Jones Marquee during Caulfield Cup in Melbourne and we discussed working together, Gracie has an upcoming TV series and many other projects in her future, I look forward to seeing more of her, Christian Blanchard also joined us as pictured.
A Pink Opera House
I've always said that style has nothing to do with money and was happily suprised to see that Londons Top Shop has been brought to the upstairs of Paddington's Incu store, a great white space showcasing a selection of Top Shops mens and womenswear and I left the store with quite a few bags!
My friend Helen took me for a great outing around the harbour on a perfect Sydney Spring day and as we were walking we ran into Deborah Hutton filming her Qantas inflight ads, I have to say that I heard her well spoken voice before seeing her!
A visit to Sydney for me wouldn't be complete without seeing my dear friend(I've known her for 20 years!) and now Grazia Magazine Fashion Director Glynis Traill Nash, a little secret that not many people know is that Glynis is not only a well known and loved Fashion Director she also is an amazing singer! It was great to hear all her news as well as a few secrets about the new job, sshhhh!
Sunglasses are always a must in Sydney!

Charlotte's Web...

A little part of my recent Sydney trip was a spontaneous catch up with the fantastically witty and mistress of the one liner, Charlotte Dawson of 'Australia's Next Top Model' fame and now host of 'The Contender' on Foxtel. As I mentioned in the last post my great friend Nigel Stanislaus and I made guest appearances on ANTM and now Nigel and Charlotte are friends after spending a lot of time together on location and on the set of ANTM. So when Nigel suggested we have brunch with Charlotte I jumped at the chance, I simple adore Charlotte, she so needs to have her own talk show and I don't see why TV execs don't give her one immediately! Her quick wit and natural comedic timing is so rare on Australian TV at the moment and I think Australian TV is screaming out for a talk show hosted by someone like her! Anyway I love her!
She calls me 'Ugly Bird' after my piece on ANTM when I remarked that one of the contestants looked like (in costume) an 'Ugly Bird"! Probably best you take a look on YouTube (ANTM Cycle 5 Episode 5 Part 1) And she calls Nigel 'Ting Tong' well umm probably best I don't explain that one for fear of political correctness anyway Nigel also calls himself this too .
So all in all it was great to see Charlotte and I look forward to seeing her soon!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A look at some of my work...

Last 3 images Fashion Trend Magazine Photographer Duncan Robinson
Make Up/Hair Nigel Stanislaus Models @ Chic

Last 3 images Yen Magazine Photographer Philippe Auger
Make up/Hair Narelle Hall Model @ Maverick

Last 2 images Miss Bossy Boots Fashion Launch Photographer Garry Moore
Make Up/Hair Narelle Hall Model Danielle

Some people I've been talking too have asked that my blog show some of my work, so in an attempt to satisfy those lovely inquisitive people here is a glimpse of some recent editorial work. I promise more to come...

Friday, 30 October 2009

Aurelio Costarella Private Showing

The Collection
My wonderful friend Sonia
My friend Paul O Connor, Public Relation and Marketing for Aurelio Costarella
Sonia's waist in the new collections corset

The man himself Aurelio Costarella

A few weeks ago I was invited by my friend and amazing designer/couturier, Aurelio Costarella to view his Autumn Winter 2010 collection. I've known Ray for probably 18 years and have followed his career and watched as he has expanded his brand worldwide. He now shows in New York regularly and sells his beautiful creations around the globe.
As a stylist who dresses Actresses that grace the red carpet these showings are a regular feature of my working week but I always look forward to seeing the latest Aurelio Costarella collection and went to this one with my close friend Sonia Audino who is now their representative in Melbourne and a fantastic designer herself, she also has worn the label in its many forms for more than 20 years and by the way has a very tiny waist( as you can see in the photo!)
I hope you enjoy another look into my work, and an amazing collection that you wont see in store til next year!!! Thank you to Ray Costarella and Paul O Connor.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Styling Daniela Farinacci for Caulfield Cup

All Hats by Kerrie Stanley and dresses by Madam Virtue
The final result, my publicist Dean Drieberg, Actress Gracie Otto, Daniela Farinacci and me!

This last Saturday I was asked to attend Melbourne's Caulfield Cup by my wonderful friend and client, the actress Daniela Farinacci (star of such movies as 'Lantana', 'Little Fish' and 'Look Both Ways', and currently appearing in the SBS drama 'East West 101') as her date, also if I could find just the right outfit for Daniela to wear to this prestigious horse race and her attendance to the 'David Jones' Marquee with Australia's A-list.
I asked Daniela if I may photograph and blog the process and she was gracious enough to allow me to take you the reader into the inner sanctum of dressing an actress for a special event!
It is a very similar process to sourcing for a photo shoot but with one big difference, it's more personal than working with a model for editorial, as I have worked with Daniela for quite a few years now and got to know her as a person and friend I believe our relationship has changed and a lot more trust has come into it and for me as a stylist dressing well known people the most important thing is that the client wears the clothing, not the clothing wear them. Meaning that each individual must reflect who they are not the fashion dictate their look and public profile. So for me the process of fitting, talking to, getting to know my celebrity clients is the most important part of my continuing relationship with them.