Tuesday, 29 May 2012


 As promised in my last post I went along to talented fashion photographer She is Frank (Natasha Frank) exhibition titled 'Fire and Ice' this past Thursday night and chatted with the lady herself about her contrasting styles of landscape and model. She shot the beautiful landscape images in Iceland on a recent trip and I loved the way she presented the exhibition landscape against portrait with a more art photography feel than her more known fashion work.  
 The 'mysterious' She is Frank with myself at the opening night of her exhibition and also book launch of all the work on show.
 Landscape versus portrait, very well received on the night note lots of green dots!
 A great crowd turned out to support She is Frank at the Everleigh Gallery.
You can view She is Frank's exhibition 'Fire and Ice' upstairs at the Everleigh Gallery till May 31st.

Well done Natasha, I can't wait to work together soon!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Being 'Frank'

 Well hello again dear blog reader, I have been true to my word (so far) and am posting regularly so in an attempt to link the last 18 months of work to the current day in this post I will feature a fantastic photographer who I was lucky to work with way back in 2010 when she was an emerging photographer but of course now has established herself as a 'go to' fashion photographer!
'She is Frank' is her unusual but very memorable name, the talented photographer behind the unusual name is Natasha Frank and in this shoot we did in 2010 that was featured in the early 2011 issue of New York Magazine 'Tokion Factory'. Why I decided to link this shoot we did (one of my all time favourites) to current day is that the wonderful 'She Is Frank' is launching a book and exhibition this coming Thursday (24th May 2012) called 'Fire and Ice' and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the exhibition and what she has been up to creatively lately! Will write a post about the launch!
 Back to this shoot and as some of you may have noticed, it features the stunning Alice Burdeu winner of 'Australia' Next Top Model' and star of many editorials in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar etc. As you would have seen in this blog (way back in time) I have worked with Alice quite a few times and look forward to working with her again soon.
I think Alice looks amazing in this style and is reminiscent of a young 70's Jerry Hall, and folks that IS her actual hair!
 When Natasha and I sat down to discuss the style of the shoot we wanted to contrast extreme glamour with everyday suburbia (with a 60's twist) and so two friends of mine (Kirsten and Nadia) had the perfect house and were so very giving to allow us to use it as a location. It was the perfect back drop to our shoot.
 Not only were we lucky enough to have Alice Burdeu involved but the lovely Zoe and Melody who made the perfect trio of stunning subjects! Most of the clothing was sourced from my great friends Dean and JC at Madam Virtue & Co with a few key pieces from Gorman and Aurelio Costarella.
 If you have read this blog before you would see that I love vintage and surround myself with it constantly so that in turn flows onto my work. The phone Melody is holding in the above shot is my own from the 60's by Ericsson and sits on my desk while writing this!
I simply love this shot (above) of Alice in vintage YSL from Madam Virtue & Co
She is Frank (Natasha) always injects an element of humour in her work and I love that about her, the above shot has that touch of humour but is so vintage and glam! I love the inclusion of the book 'A Clockwork Orange'.
The above shot of Alice is one of my favourite of all time and I use it as the opening of my folio, it is such a beautiful and striking photographic image. I loved this shoot so much, from the location and the clothes  to the models to working with the amazing Natasha Frank (She is Frank). That it was picked up for editorial inclusion in Tokion Factory Magazine is just the icing on the cake!
If you are in Melbourne you should definitely make a trip to see the exhibition "Fire and Ice' by
She is Frank from this Thursday 24th May at The Everleigh Gallery, 150 - 156 Gertrude Street Fitzroy running till May 31st.
I'll be there at the opening on 24th May 2012 6pm - 9pm.

Editorial Credits
Photographer She is Frank
Stylist Philip Boon
Stylist Assistant Sarah Kempson
Make Up Megan Harrison
Assistant Make Up Janice Wu
Hair Rob Mason
Models Alice Burdeu, Melody Le, Zoe Vink

Clothing & Accessories Credits
Madam Virtue & Co
Aurelio Costarella
Ghost & Lola

Thursday, 17 May 2012


It has been a year and a half since I posted on this blog, I'd like to tell you why.
Well sort of.
Firstly I started this blog to share my work as a stylist, really a behind the scenes look at my varied life working on editorial photo shoots and dressing celebrities and models, amongst other things.
Life can get very busy and especially when you have more than one job it can get quite hectic. This blogging thing takes dedication and time too!
So excuses aside another thing for me was the rise of the fashion blogger world wide and how so much attention is now focused on what those bloggers are wearing and doing. This is something that I didn't want my blog to be, not that I don't respect and enjoy a lot of this style of blogging, I do and many friends I know are doing this and doing it well but I just wanted my blog to be a look into someone who has been a stylist for nearly 15 years and what they do on a week to week basis.
Let me just reiterate I really LIKE style bloggers, very much just don't see myself as one and that said didn't want my everyday job (a stylist) to be overshadowed by the blog, or blogging.
Most of this I know is only in my head but feel I need to point that out (probably mostly to myself) so that I can go forward with getting back to blogging my work and life.
Back to the matter at hand, here I am starting to write again and ready to blog what has been going on in my life, and there has been quite a lot!
I left this blog when something happened in my life that I didn't for see, many of you would know that I created with legendary fashion designer Jenny Bannister Australia's only live fashion chat show, FASHION TORQUE.
The post below (from November 2010) tells you all about that.
Fashion Torque has grown to be an exciting part of my life, particularly becoming a friend and colleague of the wonderful and creative Jenny Bannister who always inspires with her amazing talent and humour but also the adventures and experiences Jenny and I have been lucky enough to be involved in and continue to be involved with.
So to let you know what I plan this blog to be about here and now, or should I say from now on.
I thought I would give you a look at what I've been up to work wise over the last year and a half along with some of the things I'm working on now and continue to follow the idea I had in the first place, a behind the scenes of what I do!

Where to start...

Stay tuned...I'm back!