Friday, 22 January 2010

The Wedding of The Von Haus Of Glitzern

A new year, a new decade and the wedding of both! Now far from being a wedding blogger although I have styled so many bridal shoots that I might turn white! I was recently invited to the special day of two creative, talented people who make Melbourne one of the most eclectic, interesting cities to live in! The first a designer herself my friend the gorgeous Caroline Price who now owns and runs (along with business partner Moira Rogers) the unique and amazing store Glitzern, whom I've known for over 10 years and has always been at the forefront of cutting edge design and fashion and her betrothed Hugh Thorn, owner of that fantastic dining experience 'Von Haus' located right next door to Glitzern on Crossley Street Melbourne.
The 'event' took place in the magnificent St Pauls Catherdral Melbourne and was a who's who of Melbourne design and fashion, Lisa Gorman of Gorman, her partner Dean Angelucci, Kara Baker who designed the wedding gown, my date for the day Dean Hewitt of Madam Virtue and many many more 'in the know'!
The bride wore leopard print! Well you don't hear that everyday and you also don't see a bride that looks as stylish as Caroline did set off by a corsage of blood red roses, and of course her handsome husband.
Now of course most married couples hope that the weather will be perfect but the day of this wedding was perfect if you enjoy a day of 40 celsuis! Now most that know me know I hate the extreme heat and this proved a problem of what exactly to wear, hence my dressed down appearance(for me) so it was left to seersucker trousers and cotton scarf, but of course this day is all about the bride!
St Paul's Cathedral
The gorgeous bride Caroline Price and business partner and friend Moira Rogers
Wedding gown designer Kara Baker with Caroline and Moira
Another amazing, unique part of this wedding was the cake, a leopard!!! Such attention to detail! After the service all the guests ventured to the Fitzroy Town Hall where a colour theme of Red, Yellow and Blue greeted us and an entertaining night of dancing and merryment!
Caroline with my date and friend Dean Hewitt of Madam Virtue looking chic always, even if it was 40 celsius outside!
The colour theme extended to baloons outside the Town Hall, where we attached notes of best wishes for Caroline and Hugh that were let loose into the atmosphere and into their life.
The Fitzroy sky coloured by our wishes for the future for Caroline and Hugh, an amazing night for an amazing couple on a night that I will not forget, so much fun with so many great people!

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Von Haus
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Monday, 4 January 2010

My Friend Philip

First of all, 'Happy New Year'! I have had a great break over this holiday period and can't wait to get started with this year of 2010! So many new projects to tell you about (in due time) and many more insights into what goes on behind the scenes creating fashion in its many forms!
This time of year sees a lot of my friends return to Australia to visit and share Christmas and New Year with their families and it also allows me to catch up with their exciting careers and life in far flung places! One of my very close (and talented) friends Philip Riches returns most years to see his family from London/Amsterdam and this year again it was great to spend some time with him and hear his many stories of his life as a much sought after fashion photographer working all over the world with a lot of top models, magazines, fashion houses and celebrities!
He recently just shot Yasmin Le Bon, Lara Stone, L'Officiel and Viktor and Rolf to name a few and up until last year was a judge on 'Hollands Next Top Model' for 3 years. He has spent most of the last few years in Amsterdam but last year moved to London to be with his partner.
Philip and I met nearly 12 years ago and worked(and played!) in Australia, Italy and Holland etc for many years, it was always the thing of Big Philip(He's 6ft6!) and Little Philip, photographer and stylist respectively and we certainly had a lot of fun in those early days in Milan and Melbourne shooting some amazing male and female models and enjoying many adventures along the way.
His work continues to inspire me and I feel very lucky to have him in my life even tho we live on opposite sides of the world and only see each other a few times a year, I thought it would be great to share and showcase his amazing talent and for you my blog reader to see his website
The images of us both will show you how tall he really is, or maybe how short I am!!! And are taken during a visit to Amsterdam that I took a few years back and a New Years Day party, by the way we both work behind the camera but as you can see both love posing for a pic!
Please check out his work on his website