Sunday, 27 September 2009

My Lady!

This past Friday I picked up my beloved 1973 Mercedes 280CE from the mechanic where she was having the first part of what I'm calling her 'Ten Years Younger in Ten days' makeover, she still has the botox treatments to come! Isn't she pretty?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Aurelio Costarella's Store 'Post Emporium'

I recently returned from a visit to Perth where I was asked to conduct a Master Class on styling to fashion students, fashion designers and fashionistas during Perth Fashion Festival, I will post another story on PFF soon but first wanted to share with you my friend Aurelio Costarella's amazing store 'Post Emporium', that is situated in North Perth Western Australia.
On this visit to Perth I was pleasantly suprised to see a resurgence of up market, beautifully detailed boutiques that could sit anywhere in the world, including 'Dilettante', 'Zekka' and my fantastic friend Leith Groves new store 'Varga Girl' opening in Leederville soon.
But back to 'Post Emporium', Aurelio has created an amazing space with hints to 'Colette' in Paris and 'Liberty' in London, there is a private Haute Couture room to view the beautifully crafted gowns that Aurelio is so well known for, the ready to wear range is also on show and many unique treasures collected from around the world displayed in the main room. I was lucky to be there on a day where the light through the windows danced around the store to give it an ethereal feel that you will see in the above pictures.
Definitely a destination place and a must see if you find yourself in Perth, you can find 'Post Emporium' at 23 View Street North Perth Western Australia +618 92280373

Friday, 4 September 2009


Anyone that knows me and my work knows that I enjoy wearing fur and using fur in my work, the word 'Doramania' means 'the obsession of owning fur' and I suppose this makes me a Doramaniac! Now I have to point out to all you out there that the fur that I wear and use in photo shoots and runways is almost always vintage and that it is important to me because it is re using an item of clothing that just a few years back would have been thrown in landfill. Now far from being an environmentalist I do think that recycling and wearing vintage clothing is doing a very small part in helping the planet, may I also point out that I have not eaten meat for 22 years so in my very strange and delusional mind I think I might have some Karma points up my sleeve in regard to wearing fur! Cop out or no cop out there it is, I respect all opinions and hope all respect mine. Anyway any Doramaniacs out there??? You can check out some of my furry work on my agencies website at

Thursday, 3 September 2009

MSFW 2009

This week has been a fantastic frantic fashion hurricane, from styling the amazing salon show for 'Madam Virtue' on Monday night to the madness that surrounds Bryan Boy(Infamous fashion blogger brought out to Australia by ACMI for a Marc Jacobs film festival) to the Runway shows of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and it continues to be a very busy week.
On Monday night at a wonderful Parisian space upstairs of Melbourne's Becco Restaurant, the fabulous talented JC Lloyd Southwell D'Anvers showed his chic and spectacular collection, designed with a rare attention to detail not seen in many Australian collections I was very honoured to be styling this intimate show. A month ago JC and his life partner and Director of 'Madam Virtue', Dean and I sat down to discuss the idea of creating JC's Australian debut collection fashion show. Through many meetings we created the intimate (but inspiring) salon show that an elite 60 people(including the minister of the arts, actresses,journalists,bloggers and fashion stars) attended and I can say that all were totally blown away with JC and Deans vision of modern Haute Couture creations.
Every step of the way I have enjoyed the working relationship/friendship with JC and Dean and so look forward to our next collaboration so in the next few days i hope to show you the images of the show in all its glory, the image here is by

In The Begining...

Well here I am, me. The last person in the world who I thought would set up a blog, who is not computer savvy and who only recently embraced the Twitter world, but who over the last few weeks thought that maybe someone, somewhere may be interested in what I might (or might not) be up too. Granted I suppose I am lucky to have a great life doing a job I love with many unique and exciting people and have the opportunity to give the reader of this blog a look into the world behind the business of styling some well known(and some completely unknown but fascinating) people.
I have called this blog 'STYLIST SAYS' (like the game Simon Says) as most of my friends, assistants and my agent can tell you I am a man of standards and do like to proclaim that certain items of fashion should never see the light of day! Of course this is with a sense of humour but you may or may not agree that in these days of extremely casual clothing it is up to the arbiters of style to keep fashion standards high, that said it is still important to say that I much admire people who get it completely wrong but are making the effort in comparison to those who travel the middle road.
Stay tuned I can feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and hope you enjoy the ride...