Friday, 4 September 2009


Anyone that knows me and my work knows that I enjoy wearing fur and using fur in my work, the word 'Doramania' means 'the obsession of owning fur' and I suppose this makes me a Doramaniac! Now I have to point out to all you out there that the fur that I wear and use in photo shoots and runways is almost always vintage and that it is important to me because it is re using an item of clothing that just a few years back would have been thrown in landfill. Now far from being an environmentalist I do think that recycling and wearing vintage clothing is doing a very small part in helping the planet, may I also point out that I have not eaten meat for 22 years so in my very strange and delusional mind I think I might have some Karma points up my sleeve in regard to wearing fur! Cop out or no cop out there it is, I respect all opinions and hope all respect mine. Anyway any Doramaniacs out there??? You can check out some of my furry work on my agencies website at

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  1. You'd think I of all people would have heard the term Doramania. But no, instead I am conjuring up images of toddlers going crack head crazy to a certain Hispanic Explorer!