Thursday, 3 September 2009

In The Begining...

Well here I am, me. The last person in the world who I thought would set up a blog, who is not computer savvy and who only recently embraced the Twitter world, but who over the last few weeks thought that maybe someone, somewhere may be interested in what I might (or might not) be up too. Granted I suppose I am lucky to have a great life doing a job I love with many unique and exciting people and have the opportunity to give the reader of this blog a look into the world behind the business of styling some well known(and some completely unknown but fascinating) people.
I have called this blog 'STYLIST SAYS' (like the game Simon Says) as most of my friends, assistants and my agent can tell you I am a man of standards and do like to proclaim that certain items of fashion should never see the light of day! Of course this is with a sense of humour but you may or may not agree that in these days of extremely casual clothing it is up to the arbiters of style to keep fashion standards high, that said it is still important to say that I much admire people who get it completely wrong but are making the effort in comparison to those who travel the middle road.
Stay tuned I can feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and hope you enjoy the ride...


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  2. I just had to be the inaugural commenter and say "Congratulations", welcome to blog land! It is a pleasure to have you joining our ranks and I can't wait to see what lands on this page.
    xx Candice DeVille

  3. Congratulations on setting up your blog and welcome to the great world of instant gratification of online publishing! LOL

    Keep it up...