Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Styling Daniela Farinacci for Caulfield Cup

All Hats by Kerrie Stanley and dresses by Madam Virtue
The final result, my publicist Dean Drieberg, Actress Gracie Otto, Daniela Farinacci and me!

This last Saturday I was asked to attend Melbourne's Caulfield Cup by my wonderful friend and client, the actress Daniela Farinacci (star of such movies as 'Lantana', 'Little Fish' and 'Look Both Ways', and currently appearing in the SBS drama 'East West 101') as her date, also if I could find just the right outfit for Daniela to wear to this prestigious horse race and her attendance to the 'David Jones' Marquee with Australia's A-list.
I asked Daniela if I may photograph and blog the process and she was gracious enough to allow me to take you the reader into the inner sanctum of dressing an actress for a special event!
It is a very similar process to sourcing for a photo shoot but with one big difference, it's more personal than working with a model for editorial, as I have worked with Daniela for quite a few years now and got to know her as a person and friend I believe our relationship has changed and a lot more trust has come into it and for me as a stylist dressing well known people the most important thing is that the client wears the clothing, not the clothing wear them. Meaning that each individual must reflect who they are not the fashion dictate their look and public profile. So for me the process of fitting, talking to, getting to know my celebrity clients is the most important part of my continuing relationship with them.

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