Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Home, be it oh so tiny!

I'm constantly asked what my home is like, well let me just say that I have been lucky to have a few beautiful homes in my time, from my wonderful 'white' country house 'La Colina' to my 'moody chocolate' Melbourne apartment in Prahran, to my 'Sex in the City' South Yarra apartment, but at the moment I am living in an incredibly tiny 1960's blonde brick apartment in the Melbourne inner city suburb of Windsor. I originally bought this apartment as an investment to renovate and rent out but have found that life moves in mysterious ways and I am still here 22 months later! Of course I still wish to rent this apartment out and buy something a little larger but wanted to blog that the most amazing thing has happened, I have found that I, a stylist that loves to acquire more and more things, can actually live with (and in) an incredibly small space and actually enjoy it!!! Its really quite liberating. So this a glimpse into my home, small and stylish and a little different than you would expect!

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  1. Hi! This is Wei, shot the interview today. Yes, stalked you and found your blog! :p

    Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you, and this is an excellent blog!