Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Charlotte's Web...

A little part of my recent Sydney trip was a spontaneous catch up with the fantastically witty and mistress of the one liner, Charlotte Dawson of 'Australia's Next Top Model' fame and now host of 'The Contender' on Foxtel. As I mentioned in the last post my great friend Nigel Stanislaus and I made guest appearances on ANTM and now Nigel and Charlotte are friends after spending a lot of time together on location and on the set of ANTM. So when Nigel suggested we have brunch with Charlotte I jumped at the chance, I simple adore Charlotte, she so needs to have her own talk show and I don't see why TV execs don't give her one immediately! Her quick wit and natural comedic timing is so rare on Australian TV at the moment and I think Australian TV is screaming out for a talk show hosted by someone like her! Anyway I love her!
She calls me 'Ugly Bird' after my piece on ANTM when I remarked that one of the contestants looked like (in costume) an 'Ugly Bird"! Probably best you take a look on YouTube (ANTM Cycle 5 Episode 5 Part 1) And she calls Nigel 'Ting Tong' well umm probably best I don't explain that one for fear of political correctness anyway Nigel also calls himself this too .
So all in all it was great to see Charlotte and I look forward to seeing her soon!

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