Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Party Party Party...

I love this time of year, so many events, launches and Christmas parties! So I thought I would take you on an outing to the recent parties I was lucky enough to attend! It's always great to see people you don't get a chance to see through the year and catch up on what they've been up to and of course what their wearing!
So my invitation arrived to celebrate the opening of the Louis Vuitton store (pic above) and I knew exactly who to take as my guest, my great friend make up artist Narelle Hall. Narelle and I are very close friends and have worked together for many years , we also share an agent and love a party!!!
I think I was channeling 1982 with my pastel shades look and high hair! Oh and my new vintage 1973 gold Rado watch, love it!
Narelle Hall and an old friend the internationally renowned DJ Grant Smillie
Narelle and ARIA nominated artist Zoe Badwi, and Grant's right hand girl! You can check out the new 'Louis Vuitton' store at Chadstone Shopping Centre Victoria
So the following week it was off to another opening party and the amazing new boutique Hotel 'The Cullen', named after the artist Adam Cullen who's work is featured throughout the Hotel.
The Hotel had actors scattered through the venue recreating iconic 'Cullen' subjects (above 'Ned Kelly')and impromptu scenes of over the top guests and pretend staff creating a humorous feel to the night. For you over thirties there was even a sighting of the infamous Pixie Skase! The real one not an actor! All round 'The Cullen' is a great addition to the Prahran scene and I can't wait to stay there, the rooms/suites are wonderfully turned out and so centrally located at 164 Commercial Road Prahran VIC you must take a look!

Actor playing the part of nerdy English gent!
The views from the top suites were impressive, and I was channeling 1984 this night! There's that watch again...
Actor/French Maid in front of a 'Cullen'
My date for the night my great friend Actor/Director/Film Maker Iain Murton enjoying the view at 'The Cullen'.
So after 'The Cullen' opening it was onto the Christmas party of, in my opinion, the top fashion PR company in Melbourne, Ann Morrison Public Relations! It was great to see Ann Morrison herself(pictured above) and the rest of the AMPR crew, Sarah, Brooke, Ben, Jannah and co! I have worked with all at AMPR for many years and always enjoy seeing them at an event or at AMPR headquarters! The Christmas party was held at 'Linden Galleries' in St Kilda and was well on the way to being a crazy night by the time I arrived, it was such a fun party and it was fantastic to see many well known photographers, fashion journalists, designers, stylists and artists in attendance.

Designer Gwendolynne and Milliner extraordinaire Richard Nylon

I haven't seen Fashion Icon and designer Jenny Bannister for such a long time and was unhappy to hear of the recent closure of her business, Jenny is a national treasure and a truly creative artist and best of all an all round fun person so it is so sad to hear she wont be in the industry anymore, I do hope that she never loses her passion for dressing up!
I've been lucky to have styled a few of Jenny's fashion shows over the years and worked with her off sider Jill Clegg who herself was an amazing designer in the 70's and 80's and entertained me all night at the AMPR party with her stories of London and Melbourne in the 1980's and her close friend Molly Meldrum! I insisted that she must write a book telling all those mad times and letting all know of the many celebrity secrets she has. Jill made my night and I can't wait to see her again.


  1. LOVE the pastels! you have incredible style.

    x jessy


  2. This makes me want to come home oh so much!