Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A New Year A New Name

After much thought and inner argument I have decided to re launch my blog with a different title that I think reflects what I have been doing for the last few years but also the path I intend to follow for the future. So now this blog will be called PHILIP BOON PRESENTS: and will showcase my career and many projects both past, present and future. 
I hope you may enjoy seeing some of the life I have been lucky to create for myself in fashion, style and design. I hope to share with you the exciting projects and plans I have for the future as well as some of the behind the scenes experiences I have already brought you in this blogs past incarnation which I will continue to cover. 
So, here we are 2014! I already have a lot of projects that are more than in the planning and working on a lot of other 'like to do' things for the year. 
This year I am personally moving into a new part of my life and I'm excited for the future, we all really need to be thankful for all we already have and the accomplishments we have experienced in our life while learning from those things that haven't worked, its ok to make mistakes and not have everything go our way, it makes us stronger and eventually we move on from them and hopefully grow. So here's to a year of growth and success and even a mistake or two, after all we are all human even those in the supposedly glamorous world of fashion…