Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Snak Time

 In the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine Australia you will see quite a conceptual editorial spread on Australian radio station Triple J's 'Unearthed' competition winners 'Snakadaktal', an emerging band that is headed for top of the charts.
But let's backtrack, Photographer John Tsiavis came to me a while back to discuss styling for this editorial and the highly conceptualised vision that he had been working on with the master creator of this idea, Nik Dimopoulos. After seeing Nik's amazing concept I jumped at the chance to be involved and loved the idea to work outside of the usual 'fashion' constraints that you deal with when shooting a fashion editorial. I myself had never worked with Rolling Stone before but have with John Tsiavis on many celebrity and fashion jobs (John has photographed Chris Lilley for the cover of Rolling Stone before)  and was excited to work with Nik Dimopoulos's concept, a unique editorial for this young and emerging band that was far from expected by not only the band but also by the band's management and the magazine!
We stuck to Nik's vision and powered through a shoot that is probably best explained by looking at the above image of the band that represents a dinosaur's face...squint your eyes and you will see the eyes, teeth and tongue of a dinosaur!
Clothing credits above are: Boys jackets from Strateas Carlucci, Shirts were vintage. On Phoebe: Top by Alpha 60, Trousers from Neo Dia and shoes from Zomp.  


Continuing on the conceptual vibe the above image of two band members represents milk from a cow's udder, no really it does! Clothing credits: Left, Alpha 60 top, Strateas Carlucci trousers.
Right All by Alpha 60

Now you probably have already realised that the above image has something to do with birds but to help you out it represents Magpies eating worms! 'Well of course' I can hear you saying!
Nik's amazing concept was totally embraced by the band who were great to work with.
 The great joy of working on editorial jobs like this is the chance to include many amazing artists and designers and even with my dodgy photos you can see at the back of the above image the dress that Phoebe is wearing has a taxidermy bird on it created by Fionnbharr Pfeiffer!
Talking of birds, the concept was about birds, a parrot to be exact.
All other clothing by the wonderful designers at Limedrop.
 The only female in the band, the beautiful Phoebe wears mohair top, trousers and breastplate by Neo Dia with gold cuffs by Madam Virtue & Co in a image inspired by underwater and fish.
 So many hands make light work or should I say concepts come to fruition and I couldn't have done it without my wonderful assistant Glenda Tarle who did more than steam up a treat on the shoot.
Big thanks Glenda for all your work on an amazing shoot.
The creative Fionnbharr Pfeiffer working on the scene making the 'worms' look just so!
Please check out more of Fionnbharr's work on his website
 Quite an unusual image above, amazing what you can do with a few balloons!
 Two of the boys from Snakadaktal getting used to wearing their white gloves and of course Strateas Carlucci leather jackets.
 Photographer John Tsiavis with Nik Dimopoulos working on the right choice of shots while some of the band look on with amusement at what they had actually been involved in!
Whitened faces helped add to the 'toothlike' appearance of the band before fifth member Phoebe came into add the tongue to the dinosaurs face.
A BIG thank you to Photographer John Tsiavis and Creative Director Nik Dimopoulos for allowing me to be involved with this shoot and to Make Up Artist Kim Tavares and my assistant Glenda Tarle thank you for your talents and great work.
Please go out and purchase a copy of the September issue of Rolling Stone Australia to check out the whole editorial of a band that you are sure to hear a lot more from in the future.

Photographer John Tsiavis
Creative Director Nik Dimopoulos
Stylist Philip Boon
Assistant Stylist Glenda Tarle
Make Up/Hair Kim Tavares
Talent Snakadaktal

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