Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Grand Hotel!

Firstly, again I have to apologize for not blogging for a month, my work life has stopped my blogging life! I am back on track now and have some exciting projects to tell you about in the coming months!
But more recently I was invited to view the newly renovated areas of the Melbourne Grand Hyatt by Marketing Communications Manager and friend, the lovely Lucy Owens.
So many photo shoots, celebrity consultations and fashion moments happen in hotel suites and I'm always sourcing for new locations to use so when Lucy invited me to experience The Grand Hyatt's 'Residence' area I jumped at it! Lucy also gave me a sneek peek into the newly renovated Penthouses and I snapped a few pics of them.
'The Residence' at The Grand Hyatt is an amazing function and event space.
The lovely Lucy Owens of The Grand Hyatt welcoming me to 'The Residence'
So my sneek peek into the Penthouse at The Grand Hyatt revealed a stylish interior, I can't wait to stay! The bathroom was oh so chic!

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