Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Silver Logie of a Lady!

This post is not so much a look at my work but a 'behind the scenes' peek into the spontaneity of my life! This last Sunday I was sitting with my wonderful friend Nigel Stanislaus, Director of Make Up at Maybelline NY Australia having brunch and catching up when the gorgeous Charlotte Dawson of Australia's Next Top Model (and many other tv shows) called to say she was in Melbourne to present an award at Australian TV's night of nights, The Logie Awards! (For you international readers The Logies are Australia's version of The Emmy Awards)
If you are regular reader of this blog you would know that I made a guest appearance on last years ANTM and also blogged a visit I made to Sydney and caught up with Charlotte. I simply adore Charlotte and her quick wit and hysterical humour and hope that one day those television execs give her her own chat show, I think she would give America's Chelsea Handler a run for her money!!!
ANYWAY Charlotte called and Nigel offered to create his magic and do Charlotte's make up, I tagged along to give my assistance but mostly to catch up with Charlotte, the above photo(yes blurred, can't see wrinkles then!) Nigel and I joked was us posing as a crack, creative, SWAT team(or just hamming it up as usual!)
The gorgeous Charlotte Dawson in all her glory! She joked she was a living breathing Silver Logie!
Nigel Stanislaus Make Up Artist extraordinaire and Charlotte in her stunning Alex Perry gown
The mistress of accessorizing, Charlotte with Alexander McQueen evening bag and ring with skull detail. By the way I would like to point out that I am not Charlotte's stylist but would jump at the chance to be!
If you're a regular viewer of ANTM you will know last years winner Tahni Atkinson who was attending the Logies as well, how short am I next to this tall beautiful girl! She WAS wearing high platform heels! Thats my excuse anyway! We caught up in the Lobby before she walked the red carpet, it was great seeing her and you'll see some beautiful photo's of her in the May issue of Harpers Bazaar Australia.
Both Nigel and I had a great day and I personally thank Charlotte for a fun filled afternoon!


  1. Charlotte looks amazing in that silver gown! Lovely to see Tahni and her beautiful curves too.

  2. There is no-one funnier or more metallic.

  3. Charlotte Dawson7 May 2010 at 08:09

    It was a fabby afternoon - I think Neil the hairdresser thought we were all insane. If only I could crush you and Nigel up and snort you on a daily basis my life would be complete x

  4. Charlotte looks great!!
    I'm not sure what I think of Next Top Model anymore though.
    My friend Alison Boxer is on the newest series and she got told to lose weight despite being only 55kg!


  5. WOW Charlotte looks AMAZING :) great blog ps im glad to coming across it!