Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Classroom styling...

I don't think I've mentioned on this blog that this year I started lecturing at a design school called The Whitehouse Institute of Design one day a week on styling and creative direction, it's been a great experience for me and I believe that you never stop learning, even as a teacher! The reason I decided to embark on this off shoot of my career was really to give back to the industry that has been so great to me and to hopefully share some of my experiences and opinions with the students who choose to come along on the journey! Part of my classes are to introduce the students to the talented people I work with every day and sometimes bring those wonderful creative identities into the classroom, recently I thought of producing a shoot for a magazine ACTUALLY in the classroom! I asked photographer Philippe Auger and make up artist Narelle Hall (who I work with often on editorial) if they were up for the challenge of shooting a high fashion story for a mag within the confines of a design school classroom while both of the classes I teach watch on. You can imagine that this was no easy feat and I had to do a lot of persuading! But luckily those fab creative people I work with are always up for a challenge and came through with the goods and then some! The images on this blog post are the result and I think you will be just as amazed as me that these were all shot within a classroom. Big thanks to our amazing model Hannah from Camerons Models, my fantastic friend and incredible hair and make up artist Narelle Hall, Fabulous French Photographer Philippe Auger for his beautiful shots and last but by no means least my students for their assistance on the day and hopefully their ongoing enthusiasm.
This shot: Dress by Madam Virtue & Co, Leggings by Gorman, Shoes by Zomp
Top shot: Jacket by Prada and Neckpiece @ Madam Virtue & Co, Tights stylists kit.
Jacket by Balenciaga @ Madam Virtue & Co
Jumpsuit by Gorman, Boots by Stephan Venezia @ Zomp
Vintage leather dress @ Linda Black, Neckpiece by Madam Virtue & Co, Gloves by Gorman
Dress and tights by Gorman, Neckpiece Madam Virtue & Co, shoes by Zomp

Stylist/Producer Philip Boon
Photographer Philippe Auger
Hair and Make Up Narelle Hall
Model Hannah @ Camerons

Madam Virtue & Co 03 96638669
Gorman 03 94290000
Linda Black 03 95103948
Zomp 03 96504431

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