Thursday, 21 June 2012

Andrej Pejic - Never seen editorial!

 Last year I was asked to style a shoot by photographer Susan Grdunac. The subject was probably the  fashion industry's most talked about model, Andrej Pejic.
For whatever reason the shots you see here have never been seen by the public and I think they should be, a few magazines were approached but nothing eventuated so they remain (until now) unseen.
I jumped at the chance to style a shoot of the wonderful Andrej who has confronted and wowed both the fashion world and the media, he challenges our notions of what masculine and feminine fashion is and creates a storm of controversy in our ever conservative world, which I love!
I didn't want to style Andrej in a completely feminine way, as he had been styled many times before but wanted to create a sense of masculinity that still was gender neutral. The photographer and I both wanted to use a female model too that represented a contrast but that had the same gender neutral aesthetic.
Andrej in all the shots shows both strength and vulnerability which of course shows why he continues to be a great model and along side the female model at times shows a more masculine style while still being androgynous.
The above shot is Aurelio Costarella corset and knickerbockers with vintage fur by Linda Black.
 Andrej can model Menswear wonderfully and the above shot he creates a classic menswear pose.
Andrej wears Neo Dia jacket and Trimapee trousers
 You can see in the above shot that Andrej mixes the strong/vulnerable with female model Stephanie.
Andrej wears Comme De Garcon jacket from Madam Virtue & Co, trousers and shoes from Trimapee.
Stephanie wears Vintage Romeo Gigli suit from Madam Virtue & Co and shoes from Zomp.
 This is a behind the scenes shot (hence the blur) with Andrej wearing Neo Dia cape, Trimapee shirt/shoes and Leopold jeans
 I love this quick snapshot of Andrej and Stephanie in vintage furs by Linda Black that shows intimacy and connection.
 The beautiful make up and hair in this shoot was masterfully put together by my fantastic friend Nigel Stanislaus who I've worked with for years and who is Maybelline NY Australia's Make Up Director.
We all had an amazing time working with Andrej and post shoot we took some time for a dress up, above Nigel and Andrej strike a pose trying on some of the vintage furs I'd sourced from Linda Black
 As you may know reading this blog I like myself a bit of vintage fur so Andrej and I rocked the vintage arctic fox together post shoot!
I loved working with the down to earth and super friendly Andrej Pejic and found him to be a true professional, no request was too much. The leather trench coat he is wearing is by Leopold, and my hat
I look forward to seeing more of his work and the way I think he will recreate himself in years to come.
There are more wonderful images of Andrej in this shoot that are still to be seen so I welcome any publications that may want to feature this shoot.

Model Andrej Pejic
Photographer Susan Grdunac
Stylist Philip Boon
Make Up Nigel Stanislaus
Hair James Nicholson
Stylist Assistant Alysha Roe

Clothing Credits
Madam Virtue & Co
Aurelio Costarella
Neo Dia
Linda Black

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