Thursday, 14 October 2010

Missoni musings...

The last month has been busy for me with some fantastic work opportunities and great projects. One of my great supporters through my career has been the wonderful John Flower of Hot House Media and his right hand man Steve Rainey approached me recently to style the clothing component of an amazing event for one of their major clients, San Pelligrino. The event was to be held at arguably Melbourne's finest restaurant Jacques Reymond and was named, 'S.Pellegrino meets Missoni' a concept of two famous Italian families coming together over their love of quality and great design. The event would be a dinner for twenty six A-listers in Melbourne to launch the newly designed by Missoni water bottle called S.Pellegrino and to enjoy a beautiful dinner and see an amazing video on the two italian families talking of their love of fashion and design, greeted by two model ambassadors dressed in the latest collection by Missoni hand picked by head designer at Missoni, Angela Missoni and styled for the event by me! The above photo (taken by photog Marnie Haddad) is of San Pellegrino's Manuela Capponi wearing vintage Missoni and flanked by Missoni ambassadors on the night Lucy and Shoona wearing the latest collection Missoni couture.
Hot House Media chose top models Lucy McIntosh(engaged to Black Eyed Peas member DJ Poet) and Shoona from Chadwicks Models as fashion ambassadors on the night and I enlisted fab celebrity Make up artist Narelle Hall(and one of my best friends) to create a luxurious resort style look on the two gorgeous models. Missoni embodies quality and colourful patterned glamour and so Narelle and I set about creating this look.
I chose unique accessories from my favourite jewelery store Glitzern to compliment.
Zomp shoes added to the luxury look of the wonderful gowns.
Narelle used greens and apricots to work with the colours of Lucy's gown.
Lots of bangles creates that extravagant look, Lucy on the phone to fiance Black Eyed Peas DJ Poet!
The private dining room at Jacques Reymond was transformed into a colourful explosion of spring colour , centre piece floral arrangements echoed the bright patterned fabrics that Missoni is so well known for!
John Flower and Steve Rainey were so generous to invite me to join the guests at the dinner and I sat next to the witty and entertaining Suzanne Carbone of The Age newspaper, other guests in attendance were top chefs, food writers, fashion editors and my friend the stylish fashion designer Lisa Gorman and her partner Dean Angelucci of those great furniture stores Angelucci's.
When I first saw the private dining room at Jacques Reymond I was delighted by the expanse of colour and floral pattern, so Missoni! (Photo by Marnie Haddad)
This photo(by Marnie Haddad) shows the newly designed S.Pelligrino's meets Missoni water bottles in the background with the gorgeous Lucy and Shoona wearing Missoni Couture I styled. A big thank you to Steve Rainey and my wonderful friend John Flower for the opportunity to work on an amazing event.
I love S.Pellegrino meets Missoni!

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