Thursday, 18 February 2010

Exhibition Piece

Last week I received a phone call from my publicist and producer Dean Drieberg regarding an upcoming fashion shoot for one of the amazing photographers on my agency, Miss Bossy Boots books. Photographer Amelia Soegijono is represented by MBB and Dean in Sydney and asked if I would be interested in working with her on a exhibition piece for this years Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) titled 'Desire'. I jumped at the chance to work with a great photographer like Amelia and to work with someone new, so Amelia flew me to Sydney where we proceeded to make her concept come to life!
Amelia chose Slovakian model Alina @ Chic Management(above) and as you can see yourself she is an incredible beauty!
The outfit Alina is wearing above is a piece of sheer cotton fabric I fashioned into a dress by wrapping and cutting, making a strong shouldered, asymmetrical look.

As the exhibition is to be featured during LMFF the focus I thought needed to be on a high end fashion look and decided to use only one designer, Aurelio Costarella, couturier to the stars like Jennifer Hawkins, Rihanna and Sharon Stone to name a few! I have featured Aurelio in this blog before and continue to love his work, as I do his PR director Paul O Connor for getting these couture pieces to me on time!
Aurelio Costarella gown with background fabric flowing
Slovakian beauty Alina from Chic Management
Some of the couture gowns by wonderful friend Aurelio Costarella

Make up artist Aliza creating our third look on Alina, a demonic, dark moody character.

Diminutive, talented photographer Amelia Soegijono creating magic!
Two versions of the dress, one black, one white giving a good/bad feel to the 'Desire' theme

The above photo may look a little odd but once Amelia works her post production magic and the full picture is released at the exhibition it will all make sense when you see the finished product!

I loved working with Amelia and the team in Sydney and thank Dean Drieberg for making it happen, not to mention his company in a very humid Sydney town! 95 % humidity is something special, its almost water!
The exhibition details to come very soon!

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  1. Incredible! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final outcome.
    Amelia - proven to be immaculate with her photography in the past and you Philip with your remarkable styling, something tells me you two whipped up quite an amazing shoot.